Terry Theis
21425 FM 2093
Harper, Texas  78631
A Texas Hill Country Artist
Master Firearms Engraver​​
​Accordion Player​
For more information, Terry Theis can be contacted @ 830-864-4438
Terry Theis is native to Texas and explores his love of his rich German heritage through his art. Born in San Antonio, Terry currently works and resides on a portion of his family ranch in Harper, Texas. Known internationally for his highly detailed and intricate engraving work on firearms and knives, Terry is also an accomplished accordion player throughout the Texas Hill Country.​​​

The deep, rich history of his ancestry and love for old-style masonry was the catapult that created his home which he designed and built by hand, by locating and cutting each stone for the German inspired home he lives in today.​​


​​​Terry's career an an engraver began more than 30 years ago after an automobile accident ended his career as a rock mason. With a naturally creative nature, Terry then began his engraving career. With many years of dedicated experience, as well as studying abroad to master his art, Terry is now one of the most sought after Master Engravers throughout the country.​​ In this age of modern machinery, Terry is a "Rare Bird" as he continues his old world style of engraving, hand crafting each piece with hammer and chisel.



​​​Terry's love for music was inspired by his great-grandfather, Henry Beck who led a German polka band throughout Bexar County in the 1890's-1940's. When Terry picked up the accordion in 2002, his love for playing German Polka music was a matter-of-course. When combined with a genre of Mexican Conjunto and Country and Western Swing, his music becomes a magical, unique blend associated with South Texas Music which Terry has coined "Texas Folk Music."

Terry Theis